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GODLESSUnderground & Indie Horror Forever I pitbull by Simon mchardy is here!


Cocksucker by Lucas Milliron is our favorite horror book of 2020 and it just came to We are excited to announce that Lucas will be writing Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell Book 6, tentatively titled "The Sins of My Father."

The tale of two families . . .

Freddy Trujillo is on the worst vacation of his life. After a rejected proposal, Freddy cheats on his boyfriend and must salvage the rest of the trip with his sister and her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, something has killed all Jim Walker’s chickens. Once the sun sets, he and his son, Clive, hunt for the creature that drained the fowl. Clive is attacked by wild pigs. A needle-fanged, hairless monster comes to Clive’s rescue and he names her Cooter, keeping her a secret, not knowing she’s a chupacabra.

Featured Author I John Shupeck, Jr.

The featured this author this week is the completely fucking mad, John Shupeck, Jr. He's writing Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell Book 7. Coming out September 15th.

He's been booted from every social platform.

He's been de-platformed from several distribution outlets.

The Feds want his ass!

There is NO other author with a track record and wrap sheet like the amazing John Shupeck, Jr.

Get to know him. You might never know which him you're talking to.


This week's FIRST emerging author is young Lewis Kelly. Lewis is writing Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell Book 5: "Hell Week."

Lewis Kelly is a Dark Fantasy and Bizarro author from Washington State. His first published novel was Hunger in 2021. He aims to take realistic characters and throw them into his own dark world of magic and depravity.

Check out Hunger now!