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A lot of you have been asking for this since day one of Godless. 

"Figure out how to get the titles I buy on Godless onto my Kindle bookshelf, you fucking bum!"

After someone on the Splatter Club pointing out that they were reading Simon McHardy's Aussie Sickos on their Kindle Paperwhite, another Godless customer asked me how the fuck did they do that? So, I did some investigating and troubleshooting and I figured it out. Not only for Kindle Devices but for the Kindle app on any device. Yes. It works.

I'm just as shocked as you are.

You will NEVER have to buy an ebook on Amazon ever again. Remember, this site is about breaking underground talent, and underground talent can't break if Amazon is breaking their royalties.

Here's the tutorial. It literally took me less than a minute and I did it all from an Android tablet with the Kindle app.

Go to and pick out an exciting new book. I recommend the Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell series because, well, it's awesome.


After you buy the book, you will get an email from Godless telling you that your books are ready. 

Click Access Your Content to download.

Download the files you want.

NOTE: Mobi, PDF, AZK, and KPF will all work on a Kindle. I would try them all out. In the case of "FIXED FORMAT" files, they don't render well in the Kindle ecosystem. 

Open your Kindle App or go to the home page on your Kindle device. Click on More in the right, lower corner.

Click on the App Settings or Setting options in that menu.


Scroll down to the option that says, Send to Kindle Email Address. That's the email address associated with your library and account. Get this motherfucker on speed dial.

Send the file format you want to read to your Kindle email address.

You will get an email from Kindle. Verify that you want that book in your library.

You will get a verification email in seconds.

STEP 10:
That title will automatically be added to your library on your Kindle device and the Kindle app. Or... in Daniel Volpe's case... his Fire Phone!



Okay. I certainly hope this seem like a huge challenge or chore for people. I'm actually surprised that the Kindle ecosystem is so open for this and they don't constantly brag about it. HOWEVER. If this is too complicated for you, after you purchase something, send me your Kindle email directly at I will upload it for you.

This is a really good thing to know, though and it will help Godless move forward. It's all about showing support for indie authors and publishers. So, keep that in mind when you buy a book from a corporation that is taking the lionshare of author/publisher royalties.

[Checks email. Dan Volpe buys 100 books and wants me to upload them to his Kindle. Bastard.]