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Bro Tomahawk: DeluXXXe Edition PRINT

Bro Tomahawk: DeluXXXe Edition PRINT

D&T Publishing

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"The definitive Splatter Western book. If you want to read the hardest, bloodiest, most extreme tales of the old West, look no further. Bro Tomahawk is one of the greatest anthologies ever compiled in any genre. To be fair. Bro Tomahawk includes the story that started the Splatter Western genre... Angry, Armed and Bleeding from the Anus by Terry "Tex" Musalata. 

If you made the mistake of thinking the Splatter Western genre was a thing of the past... you were wrong. DEAD WRONG!"

-Dr. Splatterrot Reviews

More historically accurate than any other Splatter Western EVER. More blood, gore, killing, and graphic sex on every page than in every other Splatter Western on Amazon. A higher bullet-or-hatchet-to-victim count than any book EVER written and any movie ever made. Period. 


Bro Tomahawk is so jam-packed with taboos that we guarantee you will shit your pants. 

This XXXTREME LABEL joint with Godless Slasher X Westerns features:

  • Angry, Armed and Bleeding from the Anus by Terry Musalata (author's bloodier new version)
  • A Crippling at Shit Fucker Creek by Thrash Frankenstein
  • Bukkake Hoedown by Fanny Hertz
  • Cowboys of Extinction by A. Cunt
  • Billy the Mong by Raw Dog & Henry Wankstain
  • Prematurejacushowdown at Dusty Peehole’s Saloon by Marty St. Hubbins & Steve Vagina
  • Cholera Goldrush by Freddy Fatberg
  • The Cuntslingers by Armitage Shanks
  • The Ballad of Dickfingers McGee by Scabs McDumpster


    • Sepsis - “The Cock Collector Comes to Cunt Creek”
    • Cum Gargle - “The Whorehouse of the Gods”
    • Sally Scrotum - “Bloodbath of the Soiled Dove”