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Death Obsessed by Robert Essig
Death Obsessed by Robert Essig

Death Obsessed by Robert Essig

Robert Essig


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Remember those old VHS tapes with labels that said “banned in 40 countries” and “not for the faint of heart,” with titles like Faces of Death and Mondo Violence? Well, they’re back, only this time it’s a book. This book. Death Obsessed is Faces of Death with an identity crisis. Get ready for something mondo macabre!

Back when he was a teenager, Calvin was into the morbid stuff. He thought he outgrew it, but he’s only a video clip away from becoming obsessed, and what’s Ronnie going to think about that? She’s not the kind of girl who digs cemeteries and dead things. But Hazel, she’s something else altogether, and oh how persuasive is a woman who knows what she wants.

Drawn back to a place Calvin had forgotten about, and lured by the baritone drawl of Mr. Ghastly, who promises the much sought-after death scenes classic known as Death’s Door, Calvin trips down one hell of a rabbit hole, and everything is at stake. Can he leave his nine-to-five life in the dust for some real action, or will he be left sick, all alone, and death obsessed?

"For anyone who dared picked up Faces of Death at the video store as a teenager or perused the atrocities of early internet shock sites like, Death Obsessed is a nightmarish trip down a rabbit hole slick with corpse slime and grave dirt. It's a supernatural glimpse at the deranged world behind execution videos and crime scene photos and the people who enjoy them." -- Mike Lombardo, writer/director of I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday

"Death Obsessed is a brutal tribute to the gory VHS tapes of yore, yet it blends a story of warning into the mix which makes the audience become attached to his characters. The essence of Splatterpunk and old school horror is an alluring and deadly combination that is pulled off perfectly. Essig's writing made me feel nostalgic for those old Faces of Death videos but reminded me that my stomach probably couldn’t handle them anymore. The cover art is also a thing of morbid beauty that any horror writer would kill for! Loved it!" -- Michelle Garza, author of Mayan Blue, Those Who Follow and Kingdom of Teeth