In 2000, author Drew Stepek bought the url godless.com to promote his first novel, Godless. Much to the chagrin of the hundreds of people who have tried to buy it for almost 20 years, the domain name wasn’t used to promote a horror movie/book, a heavy metal band, or anything related to atheism. As a matter of fact, Godless is a book about sexual abuse, and how it affects several individuals from their teen years through to their adult lives. It’s a book about feeling alone… scared… and without anyone looking out for you… including a God or a higher power.

In 2009, Drew came out with his second book, Knuckle Supper. Once again, the book is about sexual abuse and one of the main characters is a 12 year-old prostitute. Before the book came out, Stepek reached out to non-profit Children of the Night. His idea was to donate 10% of the book’s profits to help fight teen prostitution and human trafficking. The book was a horror novel, and it won the award for the Best Independent Horror Novel of 2010.  Flash forward to 2018 when Drew finally released the sequel to Knuckle Supper called Knuckle Balled. Turns out that it was better received that the first book… winning 9 literary awards, making it the most decorated indie horror novel of 2018.

Even though Stepek’s heart was in the right place by committing to Children of the Night, he felt he wasn’t contributing enough with his books.

20 years after Stepek bought godless.com, he is launching Godless and an apparel line called Godless Industries.

The point of Godless Industries is not to fit into the streetwear industry or jump on any pre-existing bandwagon. Godless Industries is truly an awareness brand, aimed at an inclusive audience of proud misfits and anyone who doesn’t buy into hip hop/mainstream/pop music culture.