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God Plutonium - eCommerce Bookstore Build

God Plutonium - eCommerce Bookstore Build

God Plutonium

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So, you want your own safe/secure and kickass bookstore to sell all your digital ebooks, print books, signed copies, and anything you want your fans to have. You want something that's clean and represents your work that is easy to use. You want something that's incredibly designed. In other words, you want a mini-Godless! 


We will build you a completely secure e-commerce solution using the SHOPIFY platform. We will build the back end, design all your product listings, brand logo banners, create a sitewide nomenclature/architecture, and get it up and running in about a week (depending on how many products).

Depending on what you need, our packages include:

  • Shop build on the Shopify platform (you have to pay the Shopify subscription)
  • All books uploaded and READY to sell at launch (auto-delivery of digital files)
  • Full vector logo designs (Illustrator files)
  • All your products are uniformly designed to support your architecture and brand.
  • An auto-fulfillment solution for digital files
  • Vanity URLs that make your brand/store easy to find
  • Banners, book cover templates, and source files so you can keep the store fresh with new releases 

God Plutonium has built e-commerce bookstores for:

Our e-commerce bookstore prices are as follows.

Bookstore Solution 1
Up to 50 Products

Bookstore Solution 2
Up to 75 Products

Bookstore Solution 3
Up to 100 Products

Bookstore Solution 4
Over 100 Products

Added Value
As if these prices weren't already outrageous. When you purchase ANY e-commerce bookstore solution from God Plutonium, you will also get the following:

  • A cross-pollinated listing for your new store on the Godless site in the coming Godless Affiliate Bookstores Section of the site (and navigation).
  • A headline scheduled day to unveil your new bookstore/webite.
  • Custom-built and high-resolution social assets and banners built from the bookstore source files.
  • A round of social to promote your store.
  • An app notification push to alert the community that your store is open for business.

Commission God Plutonium's eCommerce bookstore build services today. We know what sells and what doesn't. 

Feel free to pop the services you require into your cart now or reach out to Drew directly to talk about your kickass brand and merch!