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Zoonami by Adam Millard
Zoonami by Adam Millard

Zoonami by Adam Millard

Rooster Republic Press

Roger Whipsnade loves his job at Bingham Zoo. He loves the animals—but not the penguins, which seem to have it in for him—and he loves his colleague, Brandi Tromans, even if she doesn’t know about it. Life isn’t too shabby for Roger, but that’s all about to change.

It’s Carnival Week in Cromer, which means all-you-can-play bingo for the geriatrics, beauty pageants for the physically-challenged, and a special guest appearance by Dame Judi Dench. Not everything goes to plan, however, when a huge tidal wave sweeps in from the North Sea, and it becomes increasingly clear that the coast is not the best place to house some of nature’s most terrifying creatures… and a few otters.

Soon, Cromer is under attack by wave after wave of ferocious animals, and it’s up to Roger, Brandi, Dame Judi Dench (just Dench to her mates) and a couple of drunken sailors to save the day.

First came the Sharknado, then came the Mansquito…

It’s time for the whole damn menagerie!






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