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Tales from The Lake Vol.3 Edited by Monique Snyman
Tales from The Lake Vol.3 Edited by Monique Snyman
Tales from The Lake Vol.3 Edited by Monique Snyman

Tales from The Lake Vol.3 Edited by Monique Snyman

Crystal Lake Publishing

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Dive into the deep end of the lake with 18 tales of terror!

Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe.

Join “Maybelle” by Mere Joyce in a world where books become real enough to cause both pleasure and pain. Avoid the sounds of “The Cruel” by Harper Hull, lest you want to come to a terrifying end. Travel across the world to see what terrors lurk in an abandoned hospital with “Hush” by Sergio Pereira.

This non-themed horror anthology is filled with suspenseful stories, terrifying thrillers, tragic tales, mystifying mysteries, and memorable adventures that will leave you wanting more. Let these modern urban legends prickle your imagination, share it around a campfire, and revel in the magic of Crystal Lake’s exceptional authors:

Mark Allan Gunnells, Tommy B. Smith, Sergio Pereira, Kenneth W. Cain, Kate Jonez, Dave-Brendon de Burgh, D. Morgan Ballmer, Chris Pearce, Sumiko Saulson, Lily Childs, Harper Hull, Paul Edmonds, Mere Joyce, Natalie Carroll, Steve Jenner, Amy Grech, Roxanne Dent, and Patrick Bates.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing. Foreword by the editor, Monique Snyman.

Interview with the Authors:

Q: So what makes Tales from The Lake so special?

Mark Allan Gunnells: First thing that makes it special is being a Crystal Lake book. They go out of your way to select a diverse group of writers with different points of view and styles, and then the editorial team works hard to make each tale the strongest it can be. 

Roxanne Dent: Each story is unique, different, and very well written.

Sergio Pereira: It’s an anthology series that promotes both established and upcoming authors, without ever compromising on the quality of the stories. The fact that Jack freakin’ Ketchum has a story in Volume 2 tells you enough: it’s an anthology series every horror writer should want to be a part of.

Harper Hull: The whole concept behind the series is a fascinating one - brand new scary campfire stories written by today's authors. Within this idea the range of stories varies wildly and each volume in the series takes the reader on a wild and creepy ride across all manner of places. I'd also add pay attention to the wonderful covers as they seem to be telling a story themselves. 

Q: Why should readers give this series a try?
Mark Allan Gunnells: Because it's a lot of talented authors telling entertaining tales. Enough said.

Sumiko Saulson: It's an essential series of gripping horror tales in the classic camping trip fireside story telling tradition that will scare your socks off. The stories are written in diverse voices by an impressive array of authors from established masters like Graham Masterton to relative newcomers such as myself. I hope you'll check them out and give us a chance.

Sergio Pereira: In case you haven’t realised, Crystal Lake Publishing is taking over the horror scene. Not only is it attracting the new breed, but it’s also brought in the legends. Tales from the Lake is the perfect amalgamation, showcasing the classic, the new and the absolute best. To quote horror punk icon Wednesday 13: “Hey, you. Don’t be late. Till death do us party right here on Crystal Lake.” 

Meredith Cleversey: Fans of urban legends and those classic campfire stories should definitely check out Tales from The Lake. The collections, like horror itself, are diverse, giving any horror fan something to love, and anyone new to the genre a fantastic sampling of what horror has to offer.