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Shallow Waters Vol. 6 Edited by Joe Mynhardt
Shallow Waters Vol. 6 Edited by Joe Mynhardt
Shallow Waters Vol. 6 Edited by Joe Mynhardt


Shallow Waters Vol. 6 Edited by Joe Mynhardt

Crystal Lake Publishing


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Descend into the depths of the obscure and uncanny in Shallow Waters Vol. 6—where secrets refuse to remain submerged.

With 20 tales of Dark Fiction and Horror, delve beneath the veneer of life, death, and the enigmatic shadows that linger between them. Brought to you by Crystal Lake, Shallow Waters stands as the pinnacle monthly flash fiction challenge where authors unveil their darkest imaginations. The finest, most chilling tales find their place on Crystal Lake’s exclusive Patreon page, voted on by an elite community of readers and authors. Each volume in the Shallow Waters series encapsulates the victors and the most riveting finalists. Discover more volumes and partake in future contests on Patreon with Crystal Lake Entertainment.


Volume six is a mosaic of Karma, travel horror, remnants of ancient deities, isolation, and unclassified fears.

In This Volume…

  • Witness two strangers entangled in the ghastly aftermath of a devastating war under the silent watch of a hanging moon.
  • Explore haunted woods harboring entities more terrifying than mere failed marriages.
  • A grandfather in a race against time, preparing his granddaughter for the arrival of the Old Gods, and safeguarding the remnants of humanity.
  • And many more tales, each a shard from a shattered mirror reflecting the sinister and the strange.
  • and many more...

Unlock the secrets of the unseen and embrace the mysterious with Shallow Waters Vol. 6. From forgotten elder gods to the terrors lurking in isolation, each tale is a journey through the myriad facets of fear.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from The Darkest Depths.