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Russell Holbrook

Russell Holbrook


The Son of Baptist revolutionaries, Russell Holbrook was born in the breakroom of a cake factory that had been commandeered and converted into the headquarters of the resistance forces. After the revolution, when the new regime was established, Russell became a permanent resident of The Factory, learning the joys of child labor and limited bathroom breaks. In his teenage years, his supervisors recognized his aptitude for the arts, and writing in particular. It was at this stage that he was moved to the seventeenth floor and placed in the care of the Valkos Enterprises Department of Letters and Distractionary Materials, where he received a desk, a mystical cactus, and a window with a view of the ‘Skirts. He has been there ever since, joyously writing stories of violence and wonder for the glory of The Company. He hopes to one day venture outside of the Factory walls.

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