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Prom Night on the River of Death by Jason Rizos
Prom Night on the River of Death by Jason Rizos

Prom Night on the River of Death by Jason Rizos

Rooster Republic Press

You might of once heard that story where this boy and girl get home from a date and then the girl starts hollering because there’s this old bloody hook dangling from the door handle? Well, that weren’t no hook man, or I suppose maybe it was. See, that was me. You’ll find this hard to believe, but I never aimed on killing. Understand, for a long while folks have grown mighty paranoid about their children getting snatched up by some predator. So, me and Leopold, one day we figure we are going to do something about it. So we start abducting children. For ransom is all. Despite what you’ve seen in pictures, it hadn’t been a thing. But then it starts becoming a thing, what with the economy the way it is, and all of a sudden seems everyone wants a piece of the market. Times get tight, and I’m just looking forward to a quiet retirement when look who falls into my lap, the captain of the Cheerleading team, Leigh Lundqvist, and let me tell you if all hell didn’t break out on the Child Abduction circuit that season. My name’s Chester, folks around these parts call me Chester the Molester, and this here’s my story. I hope you enjoy.






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