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Nick Burgin

Nick Burgin


Chef by day, writer of the macabre by night, Nick Burgin is the hugely unsuccessful author of Vampire Circus, The Blade of Cain, and The Legend of The Demon. Born in Southampton, England in 1984, the family moved to Somerset when he was three, and set up shop for the next thirty years. When Nick was nineteen, however he moved to Exeter to study Business Finance. After realising he was beyond shit at business he decided to cook for a living.

As a fan of Splatterpunk and horror from an early age, alongside his own fucked up imagination, Nick decided to try his hand at writing and, in 2008, wrote and published his first book The Demon of Clarington House. For a long time life got in the way of his writing, aside from some poetry and very short stories, until 2018 when he finally pulled his finger out and published The Vampire Circus. Since then he's published a further three books and has many more to come.

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