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Nameless: The Darkness Comes by Mercedes M. Yardley
Nameless: The Darkness Comes by Mercedes M. Yardley
Nameless: The Darkness Comes by Mercedes M. Yardley

Nameless: The Darkness Comes by Mercedes M. Yardley

Crystal Lake Publishing


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Luna Masterton sees demons.

She has been dealing with the demonic all her life, so when her brother gets tangled up with a demon named Sparkles, ‘Luna the Lunatic’ rolls in on her motorcycle to save the day.

Armed with the ability to harm demons, her scathing sarcasm, and a hefty chip on her shoulder, Luna gathers the most unusual of allies, teaming up with a green-eyed heroin addict and a snarky demon ‘of some import.’

After all, outcasts of a feather should stick together...even until the end.

Mercedes M. Yardley is the author of the award-winning novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love. Nameless proudly carries on the tradition of Dean Koontz and David Wong.

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Interview with the Author:

What can readers expect from Luna and the gang?

Mercedes: Luna is a sarcastic, quirky character who sees demons. I wrote the book while getting my motorcycle license, so I gave her a bike that she’s in love with. She’s very prickly to conceal the hurt and vulnerability that she holds at her core. I adore her. I adore her brother, Seth, who is very straight-laced contrast to his nomadic sister. I adore Mouth, who is a demon of some authority, and Reed Taylor, who is the only person on earth who doesn’t believe Luna is straight crazy. They’re a motley bunch who try to do their best for each other.

While Nameless is an urban fantasy, what are some realistic issues brought up in this book?

Mercedes: Nameless: The Darkness Comes deals with some very real issues. Mental illness, abandonment, drug use, and suicide are a few of the real-world topics that are threaded through the story. They’re stigmatized, painful subjects, but they’re very much at the core of this story. That’s one of my favorite things about fiction: we can discuss hard topics that we normally shy away from.

Why should readers give Nameless a try?

Mercedes: Nameless isn’t your stereotypical urban fantasy. Luna isn’t a girl who deals deftly with the demonic. She screws up, often, and her mistakes hurt those she loves. I enjoy books that have characters who are born with powers and handle them perfectly, but that isn’t who I wanted to write. I wanted a real girl who is dealt some raw hands, and that’s Luna. She’s fun and surrounded by a delightfully bizarre cast. This is a creepy, feel-good book about death and demons and friendship, and I’m working hard to make sure the trilogy comes to a real and satisfying conclusion.

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