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Little Donkey (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #2) by Peter Caffrey
Little Donkey (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #2) by Peter Caffrey

Little Donkey (Fucked Up Bedtime Stories #2) by Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

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Ten-year-old Arnold has a cuddly friend, Jimmy the Chimp. His toy ape is his companion, his fellow adventurer, and his advisor. No one else can hear Jimmy when he talks, and there’s nothing about modern life the chimp doesn’t know. Escaping from the world of Mummy and Daddy, the pair set out to have a series of adventures, aided by the fact Jimmy the Chimp is a Satanic necromancer. 

Let their enchanting escapades relax and amuse you as you slip into a slumber filled with the sweetest of sweet dreams.
Little Donkey
It’s Christmas, and the children in Arnold’s class are invited to deliver the local nativity play in the town square. When Arnold lands an unexpected role, he spots the opportunity to pull a top-class prank. However, the fallout creates a cluster-fuck which even Jimmy the Chimp might not be able to save him from.

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Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

So, What If the Donkey Rode Baby Jesus Instead?

Arnold and Jimmy the Chimp are up to no good yet again as Christmas approaches. The school is preparing their annual Christmas performance, and Arnold initially believes he's being left out, without a role to play. When Arnold is tasked with handling the donkey for the nativity play, it's only a matter of time before everything goes wrong. Problems with erectile dysfunction from his father provide Arnold and Jimmy with all the inspiration they need, and Terry the donkey has the excitement of his life ahead of him. As a prank becomes an unforgettable nightmare for the students and family in attendance, Christmas will never be the same again. As with all of the Fucked-Up Bedtime Stories, Peter Caffrey provides us with audio narration of this delectably depraved tale that is unsuitable for all but the most emotionally and psychologically scarred children and the adults they grow up to become. The quality of his narration is no less impressive than many of the professional audiobook narrators on the market, so readers/listeners have no cause for disappointment.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Laugh Out Loud Funny

I cried I laughed so hard. Poor Timothy Cornflake. Daddy's got a case of limp dick so seeks to get the little blue pill. Arnold is the donkey master for the Christmas play. Blue pill + donkey. Yeah you know where it's heading and you'll laugh your arse off.

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

It is certainly a fucked up bedtime story!

What can I say about Little Donkey by Peter Caffrey? It is certainly a fucked up bedtime story. I definitely wouldn't have read it to my children when they were young. But, like Pussy Galore, it evokes a childish nostalgia. There are elements of Calvin & Cobbs. Just a boy and his stuffed monkey. Getting into some mischief. But this monkey is more Chucky that winning the Pooh, and there is no telling what trouble he will get his boy into when the Christmas donkey is placed into his care.

Sean H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Little donkey ain’t so little after all…

Peter Caffrey never fails to impress. This anarchic, hilarious story is the perfect night time read. It’s a cornucopia of filthy fun, just like finding your mum’s bag of dildos and tube of KY jelly under her bed. Throw in a dwarf playing baby Jesus, a fatty fucked whilst selling meat pies, and a donkey with a cock as long as the M1 motorway, and you can imagine how much raucous laughter this book with provoke.

Dakota D.
United States United States

Better Than Gas Station Dick Pills!

First it was sweet, innocent pussycats, now Arnold and Jimmy go and mess with the donkey that they’re in charge of for their school’s nativity play. Have you ever watched Scary Movie 4? Well, the donkey pulls a Charlie Sheen and ends up hard as heck and hung like a… well donkey. That donkey really took the “fucked up” literally, literally and figuratively! The story is hilarious, I wish I had someone reading this to me before bed!