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Self-published, underground and indie horror authors and narrators! 

Indie, small press, and niche horror publishers!

Individuals and businesses who provided services to the horror publishing community!

GODLESS WANTS YOU is relaunching on March 1, 2021 as an independent distribution platform that can help amplify your voice, boost your fanbase, and give you the opportunity to stand out in the indie horror shuffle. 

Here are some of the key ingredients.

  • You will get the lion’s share of profits from your work. The platform will only take 10% of the profits and all creators will be asked to opt-in to donate 5% to Children of the Night to help fight child exploitation, teen prostitution and human traficking. On top of that, you set the prices. If you want to give readers a taste of your work to encourage them to buy more, you can give away books or pieces of books for free. There is no minimum or maximum. Period. You can also set discount promotions as frequently as you want. Gift certificates will also be available at launch. These should be great for giveaways and promotion.
  • On top of that, you can also feature “coming soon” books on the platform… even if you haven’t written a word. Get readers and fans excited about what you’re working on.
  • We can also offer you the opportunity to “window” your book releases by distributing them for any period of time you want as an exclusive to the platform. That way, you can pre-release before wide-release and make a way better percentage of profits. Simply put, if you’re releasing a book on Amazon April 1st, you can window it during the last week of March on Godless and make a way better percentage of the profits before the book comes out.
  • For authors enrolled in KDP Select, ALL of your work will be featured on the site, but those KDP Select titles and print versions will link out to purchase on Amazon. That said, you will need to feature at least ONE title for direct digital delivery on the Godless platform. Sorry. I know that will probably be a deal breaker for a lot of you who count on those royalties. If it can’t be done, it can’t be done. Maybe contact me and I’ll see what we can do.
  • Each week (TBD), Godless will spotlight a featured author, narrator, and publisher. Each profile will have a video or video interview where each artist will introduce themselves and talk about their work. Each author/narrator/publisher will also have a profile page where a bio and all of their titles will live.
  • Featured creators can also sell “mix tapes” of their work as a compilation to drive sales to their titles called Mix Six Six. Since I’m going to be the first featured author, I’m releasing the first of these for 50¢. It will feature the first 5 chapters from Godless, a short story called “The Llama” the first 6 chapters of Knuckle Supper, a short story called “The Grene,” a short story called “The Cabin by Grizzly Lake,” and a novelette called A Little Bit Country. For all intents and purposes the mixtapes are just big advertisements with image mapped links built into the fixed format eBook files.
  • Down the line, I will also start making “split” books called Bloody Splits. Like the Mix Six Six books, I’m taking another page out of the punk rock playbook. The purpose of these is to pair self-pub authors with published authors and have each of them re-write the other author’s story from their perspective… in their voice. How bitchin’ is that gonna be? Not gonna find that shit on Amazon. If you’re not familiar with splits, check this out: 
  • Since the primary focus of delivery on the platform is direct digital, you never need to worry about anything other than sending the files (description, cover image, etc.) to be uploaded. Then, you can sit back and we will pay you out quarterly via PayPal. All books will be grouped and tagged by vendor (whether that be an individual or a publisher) so there will never be any shenanigans.  
  • All NEW titles released over the calendar year will automatically be eligible for the 666 Awards (The “6iez”). The categories will be Best Novel, Best Anthology, Best Novella, Best Novelette, Best Short Story, and Best Audio Book. The winners will be voted on by the Godless community. Knuckle Balled has that audio book on fucking LOCK! That is, if it ever gets completed.
  • If you’re an editor, you layout books, you illustrate covers, etc., there is a section on the site devoted to services. There is no cost to list your service on and it will get your business visible to to self-publish authors, and publishers who might need your help. Like I said earlier in this diarrhea post, I want to HELP creators.
  • When I soft launched the site last year, I launched it solely as a clothing brand. The apparel is still going to be on the site but definitely taking a backseat to the books. 

Look. There is obviously no guarantee that this will work but having another agnostic platform to sell your work on is a good thing and no real hassle to you. I’m not going to promise any of you that you’re going to be a celebrity author overnight. If you’re a self-pub author, you probably already know this. Godless is a way to help you with the hustle. So, tell all your author/narrator/publisher friends and hopefully this platform will help you build your fan base. The only way this can be a success is through participation so thank you in advance for helping out.

If you want to be featured and sell your books on, please send an e-mail to or fill out the form below. I will fill you in with all the information and answer all of your questions. If you decide to participe, I will also send you over an agreement.

NOTE: Featured creators (authors, narrators, and publishers) will be promoted in a “first come, first serve” basis. In other words, the quicker you reach out to me and get your work on the site, the quicker you will be scheduled to be featured. At launch I will be a scumbag and be the first featured author and Blood Bound Books will be the first featured publisher. The password to get into this site before launch is: l3tsg3tst@@pid!