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JP Wenner

JP Wenner


JP Wenner is a multi-talented artist hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before turning his attention to the arts, Wenner worked as a professional wrestling referee and promoter, lending him a unique perspective on entertainment. He eventually transitioned to filmmaking, where he honed his skills as a visual storyteller.

Wenner's creativity and curiosity led him to explore the world of digital collage, where he excelled at blending disparate images and creating surreal works of art. His style has a penchant for the horror genre, infusing his work with a haunting and macabre quality that lingers with the viewer long after the initial viewing.

Despite his varied artistic pursuits, Wenner has also made a foray into the writing world. His debut novella, "The Ballad of El Hacha," showcases his talent for storytelling in a new medium. Wenner continues to explore and push the boundaries of his art, always seeking new ways to express his unique vision to the world.

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