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Hamsterdamned! by Adam Millard
Hamsterdamned! by Adam Millard

Hamsterdamned! by Adam Millard

Rooster Republic Press

Amsterdam. The sex and drugs capital of the world. Where weed is legal and smoked alongside coffee in one of the city’s many koffiehuises.

It’s Mike’s stag-do; one final weekend of debauchery before marrying – and along with four of his friends, he intends to paint the town red. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones eager to paint the town red; six evil hamsters escape the delivery-truck and stumble upon a contaminated batch of space-cake. With the euphoria they experience comes a side-effect none of them could have anticipated. The hamsters start to grow.

Hamsterdamned! is the action-packed and comical tale of gigantic rodents and sex-midgets; of one-legged prostitutes and inept Dutch policemen; of camaraderie and one man’s fight to stay alive so he can marry the woman of his dreams.






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