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Flowers in a Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells
Flowers in a Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells
Flowers in a Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells

Flowers in a Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells

Crystal Lake Publishing

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Seventeen Tales to Frighten and Enlighten!
The world is full of beauty and mystery. In these 17 tales, Gunnells will take you on a journey through landscapes of light and darkness, rapture and agony, hope and fear.
A post-apocalyptic landscape where it is safer to forget who you once were... An unusual support group comprised of cities dying of a common illness... A porn star that has opened himself up to demonic forces... Two men battling each other to the death who discover they have much in common... A woman whose masochistic tendencies may be her boyfriend's ruin... A writer whose new friendship proves a danger to his marriage and his sanity.
Let Gunnells guide you through these landscapes where magnificence and decay co-exist side by side.
Come pick a bouquet from these Flowers in a Dumpster. Carrying on the proud tradition of Clive Barker, Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, and James Newman.
Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths.

(Contains the novella "Kindred Spirit", co-authored with Arthur Ellis award-nominated author Shane Nelson)
Interview with the author:

Q: So what makes Flowers in a Dumpster so special?
Mark Allan Gunnells: It is a collection that spans a wide range of my work, including stories I wrote back in my college years all the way up to what I'm doing now. There are supernatural pieces, psychological pieces, emotional pieces. Longer tales and flash fiction. I think it is an eclectic mix that really gives people a comprehensive view of what I can do as a storyteller.
Q: Who is your favorite character in the book and why?
Mark Allan Gunnells: I have three answers to that one. Probably the character I'd most like to hang out with in real life is Topher from "The Bonadventure." He's just the kind of funny, goofy guy that appeals to me. However, Lily in "What She Needs" is a favorite, despite being one hell of a nasty person, because I feel she is a unique character and it was fascinating to create her. Lastly, I love Richard Small from "Kindred Spirit" because that is a character (and story) I created with my good friend Shane Nelson.
Q: Why should readers give this short story collection a try?
Mark Allan Gunnells: Because it's a lot of bang for your buck. Seventeen fictional worlds for the price of one. 
Q: Do you have other books featuring these characters?
Mark Allan Gunnells: Actually I've written stories that feature the characters from "Welcome" and "Welcome Back" as well as a follow up with Dru and Lowell from "Survival of the Fittest." I plan to include these in the next collection I submit to Crystal Lake Publishing.
Q: How did you come up with such an interesting title?
Mark Allan Gunnells: 
I was struggling to find a title, and my husband actually helped me out here. He was walking at a local cemetery and saw a dumpster overflowing with flowers that had been removed from the graves. He took a photo and sent it to me with the caption, "Flowers in a dumpster...what a great title for a book." He was right.
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