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Every Foul Spirit (Blackwater Val Book 2) by William Gorman
Every Foul Spirit (Blackwater Val Book 2) by William Gorman

Every Foul Spirit (Blackwater Val Book 2) by William Gorman

Crystal Lake Publishing

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A familiar small town. A wrathful, metamorphic killer with supernatural abilities. A young girl whose time has come—angel of life, and death—is the only one who can stop his unspeakable deeds.

Katie Franklin has turned twenty-one at last, and been released from the Ransom Sanitarium. And hell has been released with her. Now it’s back to the Val, where monsters are real . . .

Something evil is stalking the shadows of Blackwater Val, and it wants lifeblood and flesh. What she finds waiting in the unhallowed darkness there will forever haunt her—and you. Return with her if you dare. To see the dead children. Feel their torment. To face the old terror.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Interview with the author:

What makes this Horror / Suspense Thriller so special?
It’s short and sweet and creepy, filled with wonderfully weird characters who find themselves in a bleak situation. The setting of the novella is Illinois, the place I grew up in: a sort of semirural town, isolated, ordinary. But as the horrific events begin to unfold, you glimpse what’s beneath the surface of the Val, and the small town starts to become one of the characters itself. There’s terror and death here, even spiders. Big ones. Things from beyond the grave. And then there’s the Rose Glass, which brings an element of magic into the story—hints of other worlds, or worlds within worlds, rather. It’s a very haunted, cursed landscape, and into this is thrust our little Katie.

Tell us more about Katie Franklin?
Kate was born a psychic child. Now she’s a lonely young woman discovering who she is, coming of age and coming to grips with everything; still full of awe and hope, but who also knows the dark side of human nature. In danger since the age of six, she’s finally learning how to harness her strange powers, which are building inside of her, changing every day. She is very relatable in that she has great sympathy for animals and people who are most vulnerable. She loves classic rock & roll, just like her father taught her. It’s fun watching Katie grow, and her strengths abounding. She’s a character who can change the world around her…or potentially end it one day. When you stop and look at some of the horrors happening of late, you’ll wish she were real, too. I do.

Why should readers give your Blackwater Val books a try?
Hopefully they will find it good, old-fashioned storytelling, the kind I enjoy reading myself. Take John Connolly’s novels, for instance: A Time of Torment, or The Killing Kind, or The Black Angel. I love those books, and I try to convey the same supernatural elements into my writing. Tales of once-divine demons, of lost forlorn souls, ghosts that linger and seek their revenge. In spooky, fog-shrouded places where it’s always Halloween—even when it’s not. Readers will feel something for the characters, I believe, and care what happens to them in this otherworldly town.