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Evelyn Rainey

Evelyn Rainey


When I was a little girl, my father used to read books out loud to us. If there was a part of the book he didn't like, he used to make it up and change things. I loved that!! The idea that one can create whole worlds and universes and conflicts and resolutions was empowering.

I write with the question "What if..." always on my mind. Genres fascinate me; I write science fiction, fantasy, new age urban fantasy, historical fiction, devotionals, romance, mystery, psychological thrillers, and weekly articles for my science fiction/fantasy book column on BellaOnline. I love writing battle scenes. I have fun writing love scenes. Research is everything!

Yes, my books have a great number of characters - and some of them are just flat out crazy. Crazy is fun, though, right? I do write what I know.

I really enjoy getting to know the people who read my books. Stop by and talk to me if you see me at a convention, a conference, a workshop, or a writers group -- or better yet - invite me to come speak at YOURS!

May you always have a pen and a piece of paper...

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