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Perky's Books & Gifts by Evelyn Rainey
Perky's Books & Gifts by Evelyn Rainey

Perky's Books & Gifts by Evelyn Rainey

Bedlam Press

Welcome to Perky's Books & Gifts where gardening books blossom into bouquets, cookbooks sizzle with succulent juices, and military history books can be lethal. Don't mind the mutilated body behind the werewolf display, or the fact that the café manager is an egregore; Frankenstein was one, too.

The story of Perky's Books and Gifts begins with murder and ends with true love. It is told by Madison, Perky's Night Manager. She must band with her quirky (maybe just plain crazy) staff to figure out just what is making the books spring to life terrorizing the store and its customers. Does it have something to do with the new café worker, the possible new tribe of owners, the no-nonsense Colonel or the mysterious lady who just suddenly appears at a café table only to disappear just as suddenly with only a feather remaining?

Perky's Books & Gifts…a place where you can find murder, mystery, love, monsters, demons and giant festive hats. All of that, and books too!






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