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Cockwinder (The Smalls Family V) by Ash Ericmore
Cockwinder (The Smalls Family V) by Ash Ericmore

Cockwinder (The Smalls Family V) by Ash Ericmore

Ash Ericmore


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Liam’s got a magic cock. Hence the nickname. He’s also a decent sort. Well. Sometimes. A bit like the rest of the family, his heart’s in the right place. But he has trust issues.

Especially with the family next door.

Ray, the head of the house next door, he’s a bit … weird. And not in a good way. Not in a Smalls way. And Liam’s worried that there’s something going on between Ray and … well, he’s got a little girl. He’s worried enough to pay ol’ Ray a visit. See what’s what, like. If you know what I mean.

Seven brothers. Seven Smalls. Graphic content. Consider this a trigger warning for just about everything.


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Dakota D.

Holy Cow!

Nothing makes me feel as good as having a pedo get what’s coming to him. Liam Smalls may be my new favorite brother. Doing what the Smalls do best, Liam takes revenge on the neighbor girl’s father for the horrible things he’s done to her and takes out a few others in the process.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Now That Is a Neighborhood Watch!

Cockwinder introduces us to Liam, thus far the most stable and normal-seeming of the Smalls brothers. Don't worry, the rest of them set the bar pretty damn low, so it's easy to seem stable and normal by comparison. While in the midst of plowing his wife, Liam witnesses a strange reaction from Wendy, the little girl next door, through the window. He'd already felt like something was a bit off with Ray, the girl's father, and the peculiar behavior Wendy displayed lines up with those sentiments. Liam's concern is validated when he catches Wendy playing an unsettling game with her dolls, and he decides it's time to do something about the monster living next door. This is the point in the story where Ash Ericmore hits us with all of that Smalls Family goodness we've come to expect. As garage tools and hardware are put to purposes that definitely violate warranties based on any manufacturer's recommended use, Liam goes to work. The violence is as graphic and imaginative as any reader could hope to experience, and there's a moment at the climax of the story that almost had me laughing out loud, just as Liam burst through the bedroom door in his newly crafted attire. I can't spoil it, so you'll have to read it for yourself. Thankfully, it all works out with a happy ending...but that should come as no surprise. The Smalls brothers always create their own happy endings from the disasters all around them.