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Carter Johnson

Carter Johnson



Carter Johnson was born in 1982 under a full moon, into a family afflicted with madness and a tendency towards necromancy. When he was ten, his aunt and cousin destroyed themselves attempting to make a pact with a demon for eternal youth. Opting to forgo college in favor of the family business, torturing damned souls for all eternity, he found little joy and turned to writing instead. While working on his first novel, both his grandfather and grandmother were consumed by hellfire after the damned souls revolted. After many sacrifices to appease the gods of procrastination, Johnson’s first novel was completed in 2013. While his endgame was previously to inflict pain upon those who delight in the misery of others, Johnson’s goal is now to take over the world and give it to his daughter.

Just kidding. None of that is true. Carter Johnson was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, where he has been a writer for as long as he can remember. He attended both private and Catholic schools before going to work for his family’s business. He has previously published four novels and has had short work featured in Stranger With Friction magazine as well as the anthology book, Let The World Drown. He is a co-host of the now-defunct podcast History Creeps as well as the video offshoot History Creeps presents The Creeper Clubhouse. He resides in Charlotte with his wife, daughter, two cats, and one murderfish.


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