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At Least I Get You < In My Art by Christoph Paul
At Least I Get You < In My Art by Christoph Paul

At Least I Get You < In My Art by Christoph Paul

Rooster Republic Press

At Least I Get You < In My Art is a meditation on being in your twenties, looking for love, sex, and something like god, while making peace with the darkness and becoming one’s true self.

“I came to Christoph's poetry with a hard hat on. I felt like I should probably wear it, should probably get myself ready. If there's one thing I know about Christoph, it's that he's always thinking, always watching, very deliberate, very obsessed by language and voice and story. These poems were that, and then some. They're unafraid. They're a hard fuck, a weird kiss, a sad goodbye. They're screaming at you from across the room. Across the state line. They're honest and ugly and true. They're funny. They watch you as much as you watch them. The book moves from the serious ("It Wasn't Rape But…”) to the not-so-serious ("SEO Poem to Get Clicks") but you always come away knowing it was all very real. They're contagion. You come away sick with them. They stick.” - LISA MARIE BASILE, AUTHOR OF APOCRYPHAL & ANDALUCIA

"Christoph Paul gets poetry. He balances that fine line between intimate and universal, in this very heartfelt collection."

With an introduction by Paz Poetry Award Winner Carlos Pintado.






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