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400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White

400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White

Blood Bound Books


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Are you oppressed?

Can you really imagine what it’s like to be a slave?

Erotic and psychological, Wrath James White has created a new genre of BDSM novels.

Natasha has found the man of her dreams.

Kenyetta has given her a sense of safety and opened her up to a new world of sexual experiences.

Now that Natasha is comfortable, Kenyetta is raising the stakes on their erotic games.

Take the ultimate BDSM challenge, but beware, once you open 400 Days of Oppression…

There is no safe word!

“If Wrath James White doesn’t make you cringe, you must be riding in the wrong end of a hearse.” - Jack Ketchum