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His Pain by Wrath James White
His Pain by Wrath James White

His Pain by Wrath James White

Deadite Press

Life is pain . . . . . . or at least it is for Jason. Born with a rare central nervous disorder, every sensation is pain. Every sound, scent, texture, flavor, even every breath, brings nothing but mind-numbing pain. His days are spent in a padded room addicted to every narcotic known to man. At night he is sealed in a sensory deprivation bag to block out the entire world. Pain is all Jason has ever known about the world. Until the arrival of Yogi Arjunda of the Temple of Physical Enlightenment. He claims to be able to help Jason, to be able to give him a life of more than agony. But the treatment leaves Jason changed and he wants to share what he learned. He wants to share his pain . . . From hardcore horror master Wrath James White, comes a novella of pain, pleasure, and transcendental splatter.




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