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Crust Investigates: The White Lady of Walcot Hall by Peter Caffrey
Crust Investigates: The White Lady of Walcot Hall by Peter Caffrey
Crust Investigates: The White Lady of Walcot Hall by Peter Caffrey


Crust Investigates: The White Lady of Walcot Hall by Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

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London, the 1880s, a city torn between burgeoning affluence and abject poverty. Fear stalks the streets in the form of Jack the Ripper, the slums are suffering an epidemic of crime and depravity, and the population is a seething mass of undesirables and ne’er-do-wells. London, nay, England, needs a saviour!

Many in the capital know of the legendary detective, Sherlock Homes, but not as well known is that further up the staircase from his abode at 221B Baker Street is 221C, home to another notable mind in the world of sleuthery.

A chance encounter with Lady Walcot sets Crust a challenging investigation. Who is the mysterious white lady, and why is she jeopardising the good name of Walcot Hall in the lead up to the Spring Ball season?

When Crust is on the case, no one is safe!

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Costa Rica Costa Rica

So Much Fun

I fucking love it! It’s hilarious af, as Peter always is. However you might see a bit of his softer side on this one (aka a little less vile, but we love both) Can’t wait for the next one!

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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This is the first in a new series by Caffrey, it's a little bit different but have no doubt, it lives up to his debauched, depraved and utterly hilarious standards, and I cannot wait for more! This story kicks off immediately with Caffreys delightfully dark and twisted sense of humour when he introduces us to Crust and Susan. Crust and Susan are the brilliantly comical partnership you never knew you needed in your life. Their antics will have you howling, and the story of how Susan became Susan is hysterical. Be prepared for some Victorian style insults and pranks, kind of like the classic 70s and 80s sitcoms we grew up with, think Carry On/Laurel and Hardy/Caffrey style!! As always, Peter's narration is perfectly descriptive, transporting you directly into the story, dragging you in and holding you there, immersing you fully into the experience, where he will have you crying with laughter the whole time! Crust and Susan are a pair of dodgy dealers, a kind of Rodney and Delboy of yesteryear. They’re fleeing their landlord and embarking on a new start to their less than savoury lives. Starting with their new residence at 221C Baker Street, right next door to a certain Mister’s Holmes and Watson. And when, not long after moving in, the perfect opportunity arises for them to make some money, without too much effort, and a little less scamming, kinda, and also get an upgrade to their residency, that's when we get to behold…. “Crust. Paranormal Investigator.” Oh, and his dwarf sidekick, Susan, a loveable, shillelagh wielding thug. We follow them as they investigate The White Lady of Walcot Hall, despite having no beliefs whatsoever in ghosts and the paranormal. They set out to prove everyone wrong, trying to pin the majority of supernatural occurrences on the women of the home and their time of the month, and the ingenious and inventive ways that Peter describes this particular event will have you in stitches! The pair's shenanigans are exaggerated by Crusts addiction to Laudanum and their absolute determination to rip people off! The pair get lost in their dedication to the cause and when they finally discover the truth, it's rather unexpected and brilliantly comical. Caffrey has returned with a real banger, and this is just the beginning…. full of hijinks, twisted good fun, inventive cursing, sexual deviance and surprises, all the good stuff that we've come to love from Mr. C.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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What if Sir Digby Chicken Caesar lived above Sherlock Holmes and accidentally ended up investigating a ghost...

United States United States
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Crust and his sidekick Susan are scoundrels. No spoilers there, we find that out right at the beginning. Crust and Susan need a new place to stay…for reasons…and wouldn’t you know it, the place right above Sherlock Holmes is move-in ready. Thus begins Crust’s first hilarious investigation, set in the spacious Walcot Hall. As per usual, Caffrey has lined up a cast of full color characters and a story full of turns and twists that usually lead to something wildly inappropriate (and probably gross). Will Crust solve the mystery of the White Lady? More importantly, will I remember all of Crust’s Victorian euphemisms for ‘that time of the month’ when I need a conversation starter at my next cocktail party? Definitely grab a copy of Crust.