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Ungeheuer by Scott A Johnson
Ungeheuer by Scott A Johnson
Ungeheuer by Scott A Johnson


Ungeheuer by Scott A Johnson

Crystal Lake Publishing

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In the shadowy heart of the Texas hill country, a hidden cavern unleashes an ancient terror on an unsuspecting small town.

Dive into the heart of darkness with Ungeheuer, a gripping tale of supernatural horror set in the eerie expanse of the Texas hill country. When a group of amateur cavers unwittingly releases an ancient terror from a hidden cavern, the idyllic small town of Dripping Springs becomes the hunting ground for monstrous, vampire-like creatures. Amidst this nightmare, a grieving father and his son face a weekend of camping turned fight for survival, as they confront not only their personal loss but also the relentless horror that stalks them.

Scott A. Johnson masterfully weaves a tale of ancient evils, survival, and the bond between a father and son against a backdrop of small-town terror and cave exploration mystery. With "Ungeheuer," Johnson joins the ranks of horror maestros like Richard Laymon, delivering gruesome action, suspense, and a story that will leave readers breathless. Perfect for fans of supernatural creature thrillers and those captivated by the mysteries lying deep within the earth, this novel promises a journey into fear that is as haunting as it is unforgettable. Prepare to face the “Bedrohung das Ungeheuer” – the threat of the monster – and discover if you have what it takes to survive the darkness.

“…gruesome, heart-racing action…suspense, and a few surprises will appeal to all readers.”—Rebecca Bennett, By the Book BTX

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