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Sorry, Wrong Country by Konstantine Paradias
Sorry, Wrong Country by Konstantine Paradias

Sorry, Wrong Country by Konstantine Paradias

Rooster Republic Press

From Kirkus Reviews: “A series of comic vignettes plumbs the cultural condition of contemporary Greece … typically portrayed as a nation of hapless victims or adolescent derelicts. Debut author Paradias assembles a series of character portraits of the troubled modern nation with an ancient past that transcends that binary narrative. The political and fiscal dysfunction of the country is either a symptom or catalyst of extraordinary eccentricity; the author builds his short remembrances around colorfully quirky types. Paradias’ tableaux are consistently offbeat and often very funny, even more so if the stories are free of artistic embellishment, as he insists they are. A thoughtful and amusing look at a troubled nation’s soul.” Sitting across from you on the bus, passing by you in aisle 7, stopping to stare you over in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever: This is a book about the strangeness in our lives that we let pass us by. Gathered over 8 years' worth of wading through the Greek crisis on Ground Zero, this book is a collection of all-too-true stories, without all the awful, cynical trimmings of real life included. Sorry, Wrong Country is a rough guide into everyday oddity, telling the stories of Greeks slowly coming apart during the economic crisis. Featuring short, easy-to-digest stories about sex, death and everything in between, it's not so much a memo






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