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Re-Animated States of America by Craig Mullins
Re-Animated States of America by Craig Mullins

Re-Animated States of America by Craig Mullins

Rooster Republic Press

Re-Animated States of America is a collection of short fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world, beautifully crafted by lifelong H.P. Lovecraft aficionado, award winning film maker and author Craig Mullins. RSoA is twelve stories all featuring beloved mythos character Herbert West, Re-Animator and his human-headed dog companion, Jehovah. Each story contains an illustration brought to life by Mullins' long time artistic collaborator Andrew Ozkenel in striking black and white. This collection includes:

Mind Over Madness: Herbert West comes face to face with the ultimate embodiment of mind-altering madness, while the world he left behind falls into ruin.

The Key to what the Locksmith Saw: A random encounter with a mysterious three-eyed mutant leads to a discovery that sends Herbert and Jehovah traveling across oceans of space and time.

Sheet Metal Apocalypse: Nature finds a way to reanimate the dead, and Herbert West wants the secret, but the newly-risen tyranny is hellbent on destroying Herbert and Jehovah before they can discover the truth.

Through Eyes of Rot: A tribe from a valley lost since the dawn of time revive their leader, a being older than creation; a being who can speak to the gods; a being whose rebirth means certain war.

Plus eight more mind-bending tales of post-apocalyptic landscapes and Lovecraftian monstrosities!






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