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King Dollar by Andre Duza
King Dollar by Andre Duza

King Dollar by Andre Duza

Rooster Republic Press

For as long as he can remember, Jaime Cole dreamed of being a Hollywood screenwriter. He thought his job as an editor for an Internet conglomerate that deals in everything from viral videos to pay-per-view porn would be a springboard to the legitimate side of the entertainment business.

He thought wrong.

Welcome to the dark side of the biz. Home of broken dreams, porn star meltdowns, tabloid reporters, homicidal ghosts, and a legendary Voodoo Drug Lord known as King Dollar.

Haunted by disembodied things intent on driving him mad, Jaime must find the connection between a mysterious banned video clip, and the legendary drug lord before there’s nothing left of him but teeth marks on chewed flesh.

King Dollar is a gritty, urban adrenaline punch of paranormal cult-horror by Andre Duza, author of Jesus Freaks and Technicolor Terrorists.






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