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Baby in a Blender: Uncensored Original Manuscript (1978) by Terry Musalata
Baby in a Blender: Uncensored Original Manuscript (1978) by Terry Musalata
Baby in a Blender: Uncensored Original Manuscript (1978) by Terry Musalata


Baby in a Blender: Uncensored Original Manuscript (1978) by Terry Musalata

Terry Musalata


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The horror community was shocked last April when Terry “The Creator” Musalata released his seminal extreme horror book, Baby in a Blender on Godless. Now, he’s going to give us the fully uncensored, unedited original 1978  manuscript of the book that started it all.

The original text (originally printed in Pochende Faust issue #27) was later released as a limited print book. It was almost immediately banned in 1982. Not only did Terry unearth this rare manuscript, but he also re-created his original cover illustration and artwork. Also included: The original Pochende Faust cover that featured Terry Musalata’s bombastic debut.

Don’t expect this book to ever make it beyond Godless or the Darknet. And don’t expect it to be available for very long.

Terry Musalata’s timeless classic, Baby in a Blender, is widely accepted to be the story that created the entire ‘babies in blenders’ genre, and despite a plethora of books following in its wake, remains the pivotal extreme horror tale of newly born infants and kitchen appliances.

Following protests from governments, religious bodies, and various human rights groups, Baby in a Blender was withdrawn from sale in 1982 and only resurfaces today as a part of the new Godless Extreme Horror imprint.

Musalata now works as a door-to-door kitchen appliance salesman, although rumours indicate he has dusted off his pencils to work on a film adaptation of his still revered masterpiece.

The cover of  Pochende Faust #27 (1978)

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Gross, but funny

So there’s a lot of discourse about this story. I hesitate to refer to it as a book, because, let’s face it, it’s barely long enough to be a short story. It opens with infant rape, incest, cannibalism, smegma, diarrhea, a mummified penis and all manner of other sophisticated, high-society concepts. From the outset, it’s clear — to me, at least — that the main point of this story is to be shocking to the point of parody, and I believe it succeeds on that level. The events that take place are disgusting and absurd and that is by design. Something I think a lot of people miss when it comes to talking about this story is that it’s clearly meant to be funny, in the way that crass shock-jocks are meant to be funny. It’s trying to offend so eagerly that it comes back around to being just plain silly. As soon as the narrator describes how the main family’s patriarch, cleverly called “Pa”, brings shame on the family by saying he’s going to get revenge on a townsperson for selling him a bum mule, but then actually commits the horrific crime of drinking peppermint tea and reading poetry, I knew for sure what the author’s game was here. If you’re the kind of person who thinks Rob Zombie’s movies are too extreme for you, you’re not gonna have a good time reading this, but for others like me who can embrace the irony and understand that all this gross-ness is really just for show, you might have a good time with it, just don’t take it too seriously.