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All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone
All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone
All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone


All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone

Mort Stone


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It finally happened.

They dropped the bomb!

Six people will converge on a store called O.K. GROCERIES, to try to hide from the radiation and regroup until they can come up with a plan.

But there are things far more dangerous than the toxic air.


How fast will humanity crumble when faced with the end of the world?

The span of this story is only about an hour, but you will not believe how much can happen in that time. Don’t blink or you will miss something.

"Look out for both literal and metaphorical fallout when Mort Stone assembles a zany cast of characters to watch the world go to hell."


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Andy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing Apocalyptic Short by Mort!

All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone is an impressive post apocalyptic horror short story. As the world faces nuclear fallout people attempt to seek refuge at O.K. Groceries. What ensues isn’t just a fight against radiation poisoning, but also a fight against fellow man. For Mort’s second writing outing I was blown away by this short story. It was captivating from the beginning to end, and very easy to read in one sitting. I feel like Mort shows that he has diversity in his writing, and is capable at writing different types of stories. All in all, I enjoyed this story immensely! For those who love post apocalyptic thrillers this is a must read! I give All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy by Mort Stone five solid stars out of five. It also has the honor of being one of my favorite reads for 2023. Until next time, my friends.

Rowland B.
I recommend this product


An excellent fast-paced short story that went from zero to a hundred and didn't let up until the very end. A frightening portrayal of just how inhuman us humans would be when faced with an end of the world scenario. I used to say that if we are ever attacked, I want the bomb to fall directly on top of me, and after reading All the Sand and Tears a Monkey Can Buy, I stand by my statement. I don’t want to be around to bear witness to the madness that promises to follow. The ending caught me completely off-guard. Loved It!

Corrina M.
I recommend this product

Chilling and twisty!

Rachel is on her way back to her place with Tony, after a very pleasant first date. Due to a very unfortunate and extremely mortifying (on her part) incident, she forces him to stop the car, but it turns out that's to be the least of her worries!! Chad is a goth guy, at the end of his tether, when he stumbles upon the others. Perry and Nina are in shock and completely distracted by the bomb, and Horace is working in the store nearby, when people start to seek refuge! It's happened! The Big One! A nuclear bomb, and surely, the end of the world!! But which is worse, the bomb or the people that have been brought together by it! Fearing the worst and desperate to survive, they're all brought together in one small store, with the power out and the world turning to shit around them! The situation descends rather quickly into chaos, a huge clusterfuck of deviousness and depravity! Nothing is as it seems however, and we are quickly shown the terrifying descent of humanity, which is actually a lot more terrifying than the world's eminent demise! This is a fast-paced, fully immersive read, that is rammed full of goodness, badness and wtf's! Completely unexpected twists and turns, and everything all linking together nicely! Easy to follow, smooth flowing, dark and chilling! Mort has a real knack for the unexpected! I loved it!

Karla K.
I recommend this product

Comedy + Horror = Fantastic!

The beginning starts out with a blind date and what ensues inside the car is almost worse than the nuclear bomb! I am still chuckling!! Character and plot driven, Mort delivers an apocolyptic, horrific, and comical tale of humans thrown into chaotic situations. Accidents happening, bullets flying, and a fight for survival. One heck of a surprise plot twist that shocked me and actually caused a jaw drop! The ending was also a big surprise, bleak and a bit terrifying! Shivers! "Your life, from now on, is like all the sand and tears a monkey can buy. It means nothing." All accept for the happy little camper that snagged all the Twinkies....he's so happy one would think he found a bucket of gold. Lots of action from start to finish, bits of humor, and it all comes together and shows that the unique title makes total sense. Bravo!!

Leeanne W.
I recommend this product

Packs a Punch!!

An explosion. The end of the world. The walking dead. This was another awesome story by Mort Stone, which is fast paced and packed full of punches, all wrapped up in a short story. Absolutely brilliant!! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Available via Available to pre-order now via Amazon