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Sarah Killian: Serial Killer (For Hire!) by Mark Sheldon
Sarah Killian: Serial Killer (For Hire!) by Mark Sheldon

Sarah Killian: Serial Killer (For Hire!) by Mark Sheldon

Crystal Lake Publishing

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Meet Sarah Killian, a professional serial killer (for hire!) with a twisted sense of humor.

Sarah Killian is not your average thirty-year-old single woman. Foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, and a text-book-case loner. Also, she is a Professional Serial Killer.

In this Crime Fiction / Thriller / Horror novel with a twisted sense of humor, Sarah works for T.H.E.M. (Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers), a secret organization of murderers for hire headed up by the mysterious Zeke. You’ll be surprised to learn who their biggest clients are. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

But a wrench is thrown into the clockwork of Sarah's comfortable lifestyle when, on her latest assignment, she is forced to take on an apprentice, Bethany—a bubbly, perky, blonde with a severe case of verbal-vomit. In short, Bethany is everything Sarah is not.

Will Sarah be able to adjust and work with her new apprentice, or will she break her contract with T.H.E.M. and murder the buxom bimbo?

So if you’re looking for a strong female lead that doesn’t care what you think, in a book similar to the best of Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, J.A. Konrath, and what could only be described as a female version of James Bond, then look no further than Sarah Killian – Serial Killer (For Hire).

Just don’t call her an ‘assassin.’ You might not live long enough to regret it.

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Interview with the author:

So what makes this serial killer book so special?

Mark Sheldon: Sarah Killian is unique in that it's not just a book about a serial killer, but it's a mashup of the horror and espionage genres. It's kinda Dean Koontz meets Sidney Sheldon (no relation, incidentally), which to the best of my knowledge hasn't ever really been done before.

Tell us more about Sarah Killian?

Mark Sheldon: Sarah is a hard-ass, tough, sarcastic bitch with the mouth of a sailor who does not give two shits what anyone thinks about her. She does not play well with others, and she likes it that way. Her guilty pleasure is geeky sci-fi - particularly Mr. What, a sci-fi TV show about a time-traveling alien known as The Mister.

Why should readers give this novel a try?

Mark Sheldon: Because it's not like any other book out there. I know that's a cliche and every author says that about their book, but really I am not aware of any other serial killer espionage books on the market, which really does make this book unique in its own right.

Do you have other books featuring Sarah Killian? Perhaps more coming?

Mark Sheldon: Yes, I have started writing the sequel. I don't want to peg myself down just yet to how many books this will be. I have a general idea of where the character is heading that will probably cover 3-5 books, but I also want to leave myself open to continue writing more beyond that, if I see fit.

Sarah Killian eBook categories:

  • Serial Killer Thriller
  • Horror / Noir
  • International mystery and crime action comedies
  • Dark Humor
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Comedy Detective Thriller