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Pound of Flesh by D Alexander Ward
Pound of Flesh by D Alexander Ward
Pound of Flesh by D Alexander Ward


Pound of Flesh by D Alexander Ward

Crystal Lake Publishing

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Some things are beyond forgiveness.

When Noah Belton's father loses his job, the young man's roots are ripped from the ground as he's forced to move away from everything and everyone he knows. His mother believes it will be a fresh start for their little family but everything about their new home fills Noah with a paralyzing dread. He soon finds his fears vindicated, for at this lonesome spot on the edge of the lake, with Cross Mountain looming in the distance, it's terrifyingly clear that the dead are many... and restless.

As his father's violent temper worsens, they are plunged into a downward spiral of cruel punishments that become a beacon for something wicked—the Huntsman, a sinister presence that roams the lakeshore. Isolated, Noah's mother strives to protect her son even as the Huntsman takes a terrible interest in her. But what if she could give the Huntsman what he wants and, in turn, be rid of her tyrant husband? Could she even trust such an unholy pact?

Soon, Noah finds himself pitted against a phantom
become flesh, battling for his mother's life and his own. They should never have come to this dark corner of the wilderness in the shadow of the mountain, where they have learned a hard lesson all too late: the Devil always gets his due.