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Lost Highways: Dark Fictions From the Road Edited D. Alexander Ward
Lost Highways: Dark Fictions From the Road Edited D. Alexander Ward

Lost Highways: Dark Fictions From the Road Edited D. Alexander Ward

Crystal Lake Publishing

It’s dangerous out there…on the road.

The highways, byways and backroads of America are teeming day and night with regular folks. Moms and dads making long commutes. Teenagers headed to the beach. Bands on their way to the next gig. Truckers pulling long hauls. Families driving cross country to visit their kin.

But there are others, too. The desperate and the lost. The cruel and the criminal.

Theirs is a world of roadside honky-tonks, truck stops, motels, and the empty miles between destinations. The unseen spaces.

And there are even stranger things. Places that aren’t on any map. Wayfaring terrors and haunted legends about which seasoned and road-weary travelers only whisper.

But those are just stories. Aren’t they?

Find out for yourself as you get behind the wheel with some of today’s finest authors of the dark and horrific as they bring you these harrowing tales from the road.

Tales that could only be spawned by the endless miles of America’s lost highways.

So go ahead and hop in. Let’s take a ride.


  • Introduction by Brian Keene
  • doungjai gam & Ed Kurtz — “Crossroads of Opportunity”
  • Joe R. Lansdale — “Not from Detroit”
  • Kristi DeMeester — “A Life That is Not Mine”
  • Robert Ford — “Mr. Hugsy”
  • Lisa Kröger — “Swamp Dog”
  • Orrin Grey — “No Exit”
  • Michael Bailey — “The Long White Line”
  • Kelli Owen — “Jim’s Meats”
  • Bracken MacLeod — “Back Seat”
  • Jess Landry — “The Heart Stops at the End of Laurel Lane”
  • Jonathan Janz — “Titan, Tyger”
  • Nick Kolakowski — “Your Pound of Flesh”
  • Richard Thomas — “Requital”
  • Damien Angelica Walters — “That Pilgrims’ Hands Do Touch”
  • Cullen Bunn — “Outrunning the End”
  • Christopher Buehlman — “Motel Nine”
  • Rachel Autumn Deering — “Dew Upon the Wing”
  • Josh Malerman — “Room 4 at the Haymaker”
  • Rio Youers — “The Widow”

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Interview with the editor:

So what makes Lost Highways: Dark Fictions From the Road so special?
Lost Highways comes at the theme of road stories with the desire to push the boundaries of what that theme means. Because of that, it collects authors of diverse levels of experience and notoriety in the worlds of horror and dark fiction. This brings together voices like Joe R. Lansdale, Cullen Bunn, Josh Malerman, Damien Angelica Walters, Rio Youers, Bracken MacLeod, Rachel Autumn Deering, doungjai gam with Ed Kurtz, and Kristi DeMeester. All of these unique voices bring a fresh and often unexpected take on the theme.

What made you think of this theme for the anthology?
Road trips can be fun but they can also be long and boring. And while you can read a book to yourself to pass the time, it’s not a very social experience. So Lost Highways was born out of the idea is a book of road stories that people might crack open and read aloud to each other while actually on the road. I envisioned a car full of people at night, gathered around the dim overhead light, telling road trip horror stories to each other the same way people gather around campfires and tell stories of ghosts and axe murderers. That’s what thrilled me about the idea.

Tell us about your favorite stories in the book?
Ward: I don’t pick favorites. An anthology is like a symphony or a mix-tape. Every story is placed where it is for a reason and serves a purpose. I’m no oracle but if I had to pick a sampling of the many stories that I bet people will really respond to, those would be Bracken MacLeod’s “Back Seat,” Rachel Autumn Deering’s “Dew Upon the Wing,” and Josh Malerman’s “Room 4 at the Haymaker.”






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