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S.A. Check

S.A. Check


S.A. Check is a Science Fiction / Fantasy / Comic Book writer who grew up on comics - heroes and villains, conflict and cliffhangers. He earned his degree in English from Penn State University and lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania with his family, enjoying all the small dramas that come his way. He's contributed feature articles for Bleeding Cool Magazine, written short stories for print and digital release, as well as speaking at various organizations and schools about writing.

His work in comics includes the ongoing Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, Casper, Underdog, and Oggy & the Cockroaches series for American Mythology Comics. He's also worked on Pink Panther, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Stargate Atlantis, Zorro, and Hatchet comics. His original projects include the horror comic, Volcanosaurus, and several new projects under development.

His first novel, Welcome To GreenGrass, released in 2013, was reviewed as "Men in Black meets interplanetary Columbo". His next novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. came out in 2015, a para-cyber thriller from Ink Smith Publishing. Legend Gary was released in June of 2019, marking his first all-ages novel stemming from his work in comics. Monkey Farm is his fourth published novel and second through the leading independent horror publisher - Necro Publications.

His work has been featured on Horror Novel Reviews, Book Goodies, Locus Online, Horror Drive In, SFReader, Ginger Nuts of Horror, SFScope, Inveterate Media Junkies, Scoop, Newsarama, Bleeding Cool, and Horror World. Previews Magazine's October 2016 issue featured him, Brad Meltzer, Charlaine Harris, and Peter David, in their "Panel to Prose" article.

"What are writers but a night light to reality" - S.A. Check

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