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Welcome to GreenGrass by S.A. Check
Welcome to GreenGrass by S.A. Check

Welcome to GreenGrass by S.A. Check

Bedlam Press

John Traveller never asked to be ripped from his life as a police detective on Earth. He definitely never expected to find himself trapped inside a patchwork alien city of magic and technology, locked down under an impenetrable dome. But when a high profile death rocks the citizenry of GreenGrass, Traveller is forced into the middle of a brewing civil war between the city’s two dominating factions.

Racing beneath the city’s twin red moons, on a search for a cloaked stranger, Traveller and his team consisting of a pacifist demon, a cast out demi-god, and a telepathic female, find themselves drawn into dark alleys and guarded secrets, facing bestial street predators, techno-assassins, amphibious conmen, and a vampire acting troupe. The answers they discover may save their new home or bring the walls of the dome crumbling down around them all.


“Author S.A. Check bursts onto the Science Fiction scene on fire, as if he’s got a vendetta against boring purple prose. You’ll get none of that contempo trash with Welcome to GreenGrass —as Check weaves a sinister tale of intrigue and murder against a decidedly hostile alien landscape. Elements of noir fiction and otherworldly skullduggery combine to create an impressive, intoxicating mix of die-hard action and teeth-chattering suspense. Just when you think Check can’t possibly show us more—the author pulls back, reloads and blows us away again. Exciting as it is intricate, Welcome to GreenGrass is an excellent sci-fi novel for any fan… A book you’ll proudly display amongst your collection of Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury classics.”
— Ian MacMillan, Founder

“What would you do if you woke up in a strange world filled with futuristic technology, high sorcery, and fantastic alien creatures? Would your first question be “am I dead?” or would you assume you’d gone crazy? Welcome to GreenGrass answers those questions with a colorful story that combines elements of J.K. Rowling, R.L. Stine, and Mickey Spilane into a wholly original tale. With new creatures, threats, and mysteries on every page, it is easy to find yourself being drawn into the alien world of John Traveler.”
—James Kuhoric, author of Freddy vs Jason vs Ash and The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six

“Men in Black meets interplanetary Columbo in S.A. Check’s sci-fi adventure novel Welcome To GreenGrass. Fascinating, detailed world-building, compelling characters and a mystery that keeps the pages turning—sure to be on must-read lists everywhere!”
—Lyndi Alexander, author of Windmills and the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series

“A man on a mission, tough and resourceful John Traveller strides purposefully through the richly detailed alien domed city of GreenGrass in S.A. Check’s gripping debut novel. A suspenseful mystery drives the story, but the diversity of well-imagined characters—from a haughty telepath and an unruly demi-god to cyber-enhanced assassins—who are plunged into constant action will keep readers turning these sizzling pages.”
—Nancy Martin, author of the bestselling Blackbird Sisters mystery series published by Penguin

“Fall into the weird and wonderful world of GreenGrass, the strangest “afterlife” you could ever be condemned to. Intriguing, with a darkly humorous edge, this sci-fi murder mystery where magic and technology clash will keep you hooked from the first dark alleyway to your final encounter. A captivating read you’ll find difficult to escape from!"
—Pippa Jay, author of Gethyon, and 2012 SFR Galaxy Award Winner

“An intriguing world, imaginative characters and a tale that’s just begging to be told.”
—T.K. Toppin, author of The Lancaster Trilogy and To Catch A Marlin series






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