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Hank Flynn by Candace Nola
Hank Flynn by Candace Nola
Hank Flynn by Candace Nola


Hank Flynn by Candace Nola

Uncomfortably Dark

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Hank Flynn is a tormented man.

He’s an outcast among humans, and condemned to confront evil for as long as he lives. Serving a higher power, Hank wanders the earth alone, until he stumbles into Protection, Kansas. Mortally wounded and delirious after a demonic encounter, Hank Flynn is desperate for help.

Wallace Bixby, a local merchant and man of faith, graciously opens his home to the broken stranger. Hank Flynn discovers the meaning of family and community, and the avenging drifter finds peace with Josie Bixby, the young woman who heals his body and his heart.

The town of Protection is exactly what Hank needs, and the town needs the man with special talents, who slays demons. He deals out a unique brand of punishment to anything breaking the law or threatening the people he loves.

But when the Devil himself comes calling, Hank Flynn must risk everything for the town he now calls home.