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Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Alessandro Manzetti
Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Alessandro Manzetti
Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Alessandro Manzetti

Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Alessandro Manzetti

Crystal Lake Publishing

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A Bram Stoker Awards® winning dark poetry collection from Italy’s Alessandro Manzetti.

Eden Underground is a surreal journey into obsessions and aberrations of the modern world and its darker side, which often takes control of the situation. Madness, violence, aberrant sex, war, hallucinations, sadism, disturbing archetypes: these are the black fruits of human loneliness, these are the bloody roots of Eden Underground.

In this untold world, men and women build their deformed, artificial underground Eden, where they can unleash their dark side.

Death is the hidden queen of these strange places designed by human alienation: harem of silicone dolls who come to life, abandoned warehouses with copper tubs full of broken pieces of Eve, a bloody collection of copies of the first primordial woman, imaginary worlds inspired by the ghosts of the drug, small Eden dug into the bowels of the sand of war, trenches for refuge from too much horror, the religious fanaticisms and their heretics and violent Eden stained with blood, open air glittering brothels turned into landfills of souls and lost loves.

Haven't you ever heard the loneliness knocking at your door? Or the steps of our dark side, freed from the body and the cage of our conscience, that is coming to take us with a shimmering cleaver in its hand? In Eden Underground you can hear all these ghostly noises, too real, too close.


  • The Last Prey
  • The Monkey with the Big Head
  • Pieces of Eden
  • Dead Circus
  • Green Apples
  • Koo-o
  • Interiora II
  • Eastern Heaven
  • Red Monsoon
  • A Modern Berserker
  • The Half Bride
  • Eden Underground
  • Carlos, Diego, Vamos!
  • The Wrath Sings, Goddess
  • The Rime of the Mad Mariner
  • Lacrimosa
  • The Pawn Shop
  • The Cockroach King
  • The Garden
  • Dames de Voyage
  • Electric Monkeys
  • The Tenth Circle
  • Almost to the End

Book Cover by Vincent Chong, back cover by Ben Baldwin, and illustrations by Paolo Di Orazio.

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths

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