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You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson
You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson

You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson

Madness Heart Press


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While investigating a series of peculiar and unsettling deaths in Denver, two deeply flawed detectives learn there might be no salvation for any of us.

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Gross and Gory

You Will Be Consumed is above all else, a gross book. But if that's what you're looking for, books rarely do it better. Nikolas P. Robinson has an amazing eye for the details that make gross things come to life. Anyone could write a stripper's backside opening up and eating a head. It takes a true talent to show readers the toilet paper inside as the head slides in. That there's a good story in there (nice parallels to Larry Cohen's film God Told Me to Kill) is gravy.

Matt H.
United States United States
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Dark and bleak horror-loved it!

This slim story is definitely not slim on interesting ideas. The shocking start of the story is only the beginning of the depravity of the story. The two main "protagonists" are complex characters, and I did not see where the story was going and where the story ends. The writing is outstanding (as is all of Mr. Robinson's work), and some of the imagery will stick with me for some time. Another outstanding release from Madness Heart Press, and I look forward to reading more from Nik in the future-highly recommended for fans of extreme and bleak horror.

Christina P.
United States United States
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This guy is an autobuy

Oh, Nikolas P. Robinson, we need to talk. I have a HUGE bone to pick with you. I listened to You Will Be Consumed and I hope you have news of a sequel because you cannot leave an old lady like me with a cliffhanger like that! Think of my old, frail heart, Nik! Think of my poor children and how they may have to tell their children that Nik Robinson killed their award winning* Mother from a cliffhanger. Is that the legacy you want? This novella was amazing from beginning to end! Why did I wait so long to dive into this? Strip clubs, crooked cops, weird ass kids, penises getting bit off!? All my favorite things. TWCY seriously is perfection. The world building and flawed characters were my favorite parts. Why haven’t you picked this one up? ! Go! Go, pick this up! *award winning - Worst Parent in the Tristate area 5 years and counting.

Iain A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cheerful It Ain't...

Wow. Bleak much? This is the perfect mix of slow burn dread, and WTF body horror. Imagine if David Cronenberg made a hybrid of Seven and The Twilight Zone. The two central characters are deftly drawn, their relationship especially giving the story a genuine human element. Robinson wisely leaves the details of the antagonists vague, focusing more on the hopeless situation they present. The unknown, and unknowable, are always much scarier. Gore and depravity aren't the name of the game here, menace and unease are, and are done superbly. Highly recommended.

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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Come on, Just a bite…

If X-Files was XXX rated, this story would have been a great episode! Love the story, great idea.