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You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson
You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson

You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P. Robinson

Madness Heart Press


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While investigating a series of peculiar and unsettling deaths in Denver, two deeply flawed detectives learn there might be no salvation for any of us.

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Lisa L.
Impactful and Unsettling

The title is appropriate to both the story itself and its impact on the reader. You Will Be Consumed by Nikolas P Robinson will consume you. It will consume your time once you pick it up because you can’t put this page-turner down again, and it will consume your mind while you read it. And after. For days. Robinson has written a daring story where the absence of a truly likeable character seems entirely intentional. The author slaps you mercilessly with the dark duality of human nature, and the “good guys” … well … aren’t. This disturbing funhouse-style mirroring of society and social norms combined with the in-your-face Extreme Horror nature of the story puts You Will Be Consumed firmly in the horror subgenre of Splatterpunk. Oh yes. Splatterpunk. Robinson is brutally graphic and unapologetically crosses boundaries with this tale. It’s impactful, unsettling, and a bit stomach-churning at times. But this is not a slasher story waxing philosophical about society. No. It has an underlying cosmic horror premise. The combination is twisted, suspenseful, and quite satisfying. By the way, the cover is a tease. It is apropos, but not definitive of the entire story. Fans of Extreme Horror and Splatterpunk will enjoy Nikolas Robinson’s brazen style and audacious story. With its dark humor and darker content, this is a fantastic read.