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Where Dreams Come True by Nikolas P. Robinson
Where Dreams Come True by Nikolas P. Robinson

Where Dreams Come True by Nikolas P. Robinson

Nikolas Robinson


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Amy's expectation of a relaxing summer of housekeeping at a theme park hotel is shattered as guests and staff alike are overcome with carnal desires that cross all lines of decency. Can she escape with her sanity intact? Can she even make it out of the hotel?
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Diana R.
United States United States

Wow! This short turned crazy real quick. Lots of naughty bits mixed with some gore. The Mystery Mouseketool remark in the author's notes cracked me up. Be sure to read that! I'll definitely check out more by Robinson.

simon m.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Nik pushes boundaries spectacularly

'Where Dreams Come True' is short, impactful and leaves the reader wondering wtf is going on, in the best possible way.

Lisa L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Brilliantly messed up

There is a warning at the beginning of this story, and you should take it completely seriously. The story starts out with incredibly offensive content, but it is presented so darned well and with such relevance that the horror you experience at the situation overshadows the offense you feel at the author going there. In short, the offensive nature of the content is the driving point of horror itself. This is a brilliantly messed up story that takes erotic extreme horror to a new low and does so quite impressively. Be prepared for a whole nother level of dark symbolism representing the corruptive allure of, ahem, global level theme parks.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

A short tale of shock and sexual perversion. We are soon into it. Something foul and unsettling that's not right. But, don't worry, this is explanation, (but do we need one?) as all of society's norms are thrown out of the window at this pleasure park. That's some horror world for sure, but I guess you do leave your manners at the door when you enter a theme park. I know I do. LOL.

Steve K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A few paragraphs into this quick little splooge of a story, and I asked myself, "Holy shit, is this story gonna be an extended Aristocrats joke?" I saw someone else make the same comparison in another review here, so all I can say is good fucking work, Nikolas P Robinson. Most people can only dream of channeling the spirit of such a revered piece of comedy history in such a bite sized tome. This was my introduction to the author and a story that I doubt I'll be forgetting any time soon. Really fun stuff.