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Way Station by Kevin Lucia
Way Station by Kevin Lucia

Way Station by Kevin Lucia

Kevin Lucia

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Burned-out mid-list science fiction author Gavin Patchett has reached the end of his career and the end of the road, but waiting there is a horrible confrontation that will force him to choose his destiny - will he serve Chaos or Good? Light or Dark? At an old abandoned diner along a desolate highway, Gavin Patchett will either save or damn his soul...

"Kevin Lucia scares me a little bit, and for that I thank him. "Way Station," the story of a writer confronting the frightening thing to write--which is most assuredly the thing he was meant to write--hits uncomfortably close to home. Contained in the story: the scary truth that each of us has the power to usher in victory or destruction" - Tosca Lee, New York Times Bestseller