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Vasectomus by Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle

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In Stevats, a tucked away city pinched into a rural ass crack of society, there's something dark. His name is Sabre, and he doesn't want to come, in his wife, Sue. He will go to great lengths to avoid having "babies" and will take drastic measures to ensure his offspring don't exist. Will his efforts be enough? Read this quick Tim Eagle tour of madness and find out, it will surely make you squirm.

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Andy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

An Amazing Good Time

Vasectomus by Tim Eagle focuses on a man named Sabre. A once successful musician who is now washed up. His wife Sue really wants a baby, and reluctantly Sabre goes along with Sue’s requests for sex. However, Sabre has a secret, and he doesn’t want any children. Sabre and Sue’s marriage isn’t very ideal, and Sabre doesn’t even like her really. Will he be able to spill his secret to Sue? Will she find out? Or is there something more sinister happening in Sabre’s office in the basement? I thought that Vasectomus by Tim Eagle was a fantastic quick read. I definitely couldn’t put it down, and Tim writes in a manner that adds an air of mystery to the horror. Eagle also leaves much up to the reader’s imagination in some aspects, and I felt as though that was very fun to visualize and interpret happenings in my own way. Overall, I give Vasectomus by Tim Eagle four guitars out of five mason jars. It is a fabulous read, fun, and leaves you craving more! Hence, the one star deduction. Nevertheless, this is a must read! You can only get this exclusive on

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

It's Time To Feed Them

In Vasectomus, Tim Eagle invites us to spend some time with Sabre and his wife. They're an unhappy couple fueled by acrimony and bitterness. The primary source of spite between the two is Sue's unrelenting insistence that she and Sabre have children and Sabre's unflinching contempt for the whole concept. A peculiar encounter with the old woman next door interrupts the couple's most recent argument, and from there, Vasectomus leads us along a strange path blending bizarro and body horror. Eagle gives us a story of secrets, lack of communication, and backstabbing that befits the most absurdly over-the-top soap opera marriages. That is, assuming those soap operas are written by the likes of David Lynch or David Cronenberg. In the first of three tales, Vasectomus introduces us to the strange town of Stevats and the residents living there. Eagle manages to entice readers to return, against all better judgment, by sharing with us a place that thankfully can only exist in the feverish imagination of its author.

United States United States
I recommend this product


Well, this entire thing went directions that I never even thought were coming. I settled in for what looked like a pretty straightforward tale of angry-wife and now the world is upsidedown. This was a lot of fun. I'll be reading the rest of this trilogy.

Todd L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Didn’t see that coming

Great first part to the trilogy. Awesome twist. My first eagle read, starting book 2 next, right now! Not sure where this is going, can’t wait. I found this to be a great, original take on an all to familiar family argument.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Eye wateringly good.

OK, this was different. A great short story, with a great couple of unexpected turns. Bizarre and horrific too, my favourite! 5 blood red eyeballs from me