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Vanitas Diabolus by Sean Walusko
Vanitas Diabolus by Sean Walusko
Vanitas Diabolus by Sean Walusko


Vanitas Diabolus by Sean Walusko

Sean Walusko

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Delve into a place behind the shadows, where monsters roam free and terror calls out. 

A Grand Tour - Take a journey across the wretched plains, flesh made cities and bloody shores of Hell, as seen through the eyes of a newborn daemon. 

Stripped - When a private investigator gets tasked with retrieving a strange object, he finds that some things are better left kept secret. 

Cliodnha’s Lair - Shipwrecked on an uncharted island, two survivors discover what horrors brought so many others to their doom. 

231A - A technician at a local hospital finds that the nightmares he’s been having around a certain patient may not be his own. 

Spirits in Black - After a series of strange attacks, the townsfolk of a small puritan colony in Newark enlist the aid of a group of unlikely hunters. 

Mother of Abominations - In Victorian era London, a young woman gives in to her sick desires leading to the birth of history’s most studied serial killer. 

Husk - Long after the apocalypse, the vermin of Hell rule the lands while a single servant escapes his duties from the insect god that holds his flesh. 

Seven tales of death, lust and horror, connected by the blood of the Devil himself, beckon their call. So sit back, relax and take part in this collection of horrific tales that celebrates the vanities and vices we hide from ourselves.