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Vampire Christ 2: The Fall of Man by Jay Wilburn

Vampire Christ 2: The Fall of Man by Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn


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Reverend Holland Sire never intended to hunt vampires across America, especially not in an election year. He was a small time preacher and a big time party hack working the evangelical vote. But when he discovered vampires rule the world, he started sharpening stakes.

We are trapped in the middle of two great powers.

The oldest vampire in the world holds the White House, but another ancient power rises against him. With resistance scattered and the world on fire with a spreading plague and social unrest, the preacher must find a way to save humanity before Election Night.

It turns out God has fangs!

Vampire Christ: Fall of Man rips open the veil to reveal the truth in this dark horror satire. The American Church, politics, modern culture, a spreading plague, and current events mix together in an unholy splatter that only makes sense, if you can believe in vampires.