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Unspoken by Nikolas P. Robinson
Unspoken by Nikolas P. Robinson


Unspoken by Nikolas P. Robinson

Nikolas Robinson

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to develop a friendship with Leyna, another of the overnight staff, but that friendship quickly becomes something far more intense for Nathan, a fact which he chooses to keep to himself. Suffering through the turmoil of his unspoken desire for Leyna and being inured to the environment of a mental hospital and the madness that has afflicted him in his personal life, Nathan neglects to notice the signs that become more and more prevalent in the world around him. Those signs are indicating that something terrible is taking place. As the world descends into madness, Nathan and Leyna remain at the institution, hoping that isolation might protect them from the world collapsing around them. But in the end, there may be no escaping some tragedies.

An exploration of the themes of unrequited love and the insanity that accompanies it, amid a world sliding into madness. A story of love, regret, and the end of the world expressed with a poetic voice and postmodern sensibilities; it could be described as a combination of George A. Romero’s The Crazies and an amalgam of The Notebook and Love In the Time of Cholera.

"...a brave and thought-provoking piece of work filled with palpable emotions and plausible situations." - David Moody, Author of the Hater and Autumn series

"... a quiet story that sneaks up on you and leaves you holding your loved ones a little closer." - T.R. Stoddard, Author of Don't Ask, Don't Tell