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Uninvited Others: Book 1 by S. Feaker
Uninvited Others: Book 1 by S. Feaker

Uninvited Others: Book 1 by S. Feaker

D&T Publishing

The secrets here are seldom told
None are known from young to old
Songs and footsteps in the hall
Just hold your breath when whispers call
The air will chill, your body shakes
With every new soul, it will take
Listen closely to the ghosts
For they know what it aches for most
Beware of shapes the shadows make
For you will be the next it takes

Moving can be an exhilarating escape from mundane life. But Jeremiah only feels a deep sense of fear at the thought of moving back to his childhood home. His wife, Scarlett, has been submissive and understanding since being told that their family would need to move, but Jeremiah didn't tell her the whole story.
Haven Manor has the look of a modern-day castle but holds many secrets and a sinister history that pleads to be unearthed. Fighting against mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a confusing family dynamic, Scarlett will do everything in her power to expose the hauntings of Haven Manor. But beware, once you enter the gates of Haven Manor.......there is no escaping.

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