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Uncomfortable Shorts by Frank J Edler
Uncomfortable Shorts by Frank J Edler

Uncomfortable Shorts by Frank J Edler

Frank Edler

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Uncomfortable Shorts is a collection of eight irreverent, irregular and irrational short stories. Try on these ill fitting tales that squeeze into horror, cosmic, comic and corny niches. One size fits none. No refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

  • Pork Roll, Egg & Sleaze: A group of urban explorers find themselves on an adventure that turns into a horror movie.
  • My Date with the (Non)Word, Ans: An unlikely relationship with an autocorrected word.
  • Eat Sh*t and Die: An over-the-top tale of cosmic horror in a quiet New England town.
  • You Can Catch More Flies with Honey: There's more than one way to catch a fly. But which way is best?
  • There's a Frenchman in My Mayonnaise: A quirky tale of a hangry man who's attempt to make a sandwich sidetracks his entire life.
  • Conrad Lubbox is Out To Get Me You Stupid Idiot: You sure have a lot of questions about why I let Conrad Lubbox's dog outside.
  • Dick Sick: Preston isn't feeling well. He's sneezing, coughing and pooping penises out of every orifice.
  • Inflate: A Zen yogi leads the way to Nirvana (and not the Kurt Cobain kind.)
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Todd L.

Mr Frank Delivers Awesomeness

BIZZZZZZONG, loved this collection of shorts. Well done. I read 2 of Mr. Frank’s books this week and will keep on buying more. Want dark and fun, this is your stop!

Sean H.

Totally gonzoid. bizarro humour that had me laughing hysterically like a complete tithead.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story collection. Every one of the twisted tales was completely insane. And so, so very funny. Frank, you are a madman.

Andy C.

I’m Starting To Believe Bizarro May Not Be My Cup of Tea

Frank did an amazing job in compiling this selection of Bizarro shorts. Uncomfortable Shorts was my first dive into Elder’s works, and although it was not my absolute favorite it was entertaining. If you like short and punchy stories that are way off in left field you will absolutely love this! I do think Frank has massive talent, and his writing capabilities are fantastic. I felt that the book was a fun read, but I am unsure if some Bizarro is right for me. Nevertheless, I laughed so hard several times while reading this. Frank has a great sense of humor that he laces into his work. Overall, I give Uncomfortable Shorts by Frank J. Elder three stars out of five stars. I enjoyed the read, but I think my next dive into Bizarro I need to get in the right headspace. These stories are so bonkers I found myself re reading some portions. I read the shortest story three times I believe. I thought it was hilarious! I even read it aloud to my mother in law and my wife. It was the story about catching more flies with honey than vinegar. Dick Sick also had me rolling, and grossed out. I may need to revisit this at a later date. However, if you are a big Bizarro fan Mr. Frank will give you an incredible ride!

Matt C.

Dick Sick

I found this collection of short stories to be both hilarious and informative. I now know the best course of action to take should I ever begin to cough up multiple penises, and to never hesitate to profit off a tiny person in my food!